GIS and Media fusion

"The explosive growth of the GeoWeb and geographic information has made GIS powerful media for the general public to communicate, but perhaps more importantly, GIS have also become media for constructive dialogs and interactions about social issues." - Sui & Goodchild

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The Media Engineering Institute (MEI) belongs to the COMEM+ department at the HEIG-VD, University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland. In the field of geospatial, the Ra&D motivation does focus on enabling the conceptual and technological fusion of GIS and Media technologies. As such MEI is a member of the yGeo group (soon renamed Mediamaps Research Group - June 2017).

Yes everything below is incomplete and under construction …

Research & Development

Automated Label Placement for Cartography PAL Library
Open Source Geospatial Research & Education Symposium OGRS
URBANGENE VGI experimentation
WINDOO weather sensor and mobile application
Open Geospatial Consortium Associate Member SLD/SE.swg

Education for Bachelor & Master courses

Alphaklaxon event planning
Ecodev UNESCO viewer
Geospatial SQL Viewer
IsoBuilder in time & distance
Outdoor GPX track editor with Google Directions service

… and many other student projects.


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